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Black Gloss Counter for Mongster Fabrication

Tully from Mongster Fabrication started talking to us about the Brando Black Gloss counter.

The Brando reception desk comes in standard white or black gloss, or a combination of the two. Black suited Tully’s idea for the reception area of his fabricating workshop.

Brando reception desk

The Brando reception desk can come in White Gloss, or Black Gloss as Tully chose.

This is a popular desk due to the nice thick lines, light underneath and the matching stone top.

16mm HMR board is used to form the desk. 1mm hard wearing gloss laminated is used to finish the desk.

To learn more about the Brando reception desk, please click here.

Mongster Fabrication

Mongster has been doing custom fabrication for cars for a long time, and the quality shows in the pictures they upload!

To see what else Mongster Fabrication can help you with, please follow this link.

White Gloss Desk for Skintology Skin & Laser Clinic

Skintology got in contact with us to get a white gloss desk for their clinic.

They needed something that was practical, but also kept the décor of their space aligned.

The Tonnille reception desk has a thin designer profile for the customer side and a generous working bench on the other. This creates a perfect work space for reception, while the front still looks entirely minimal and tidy. There is shelving behind the counter on the wall, which is well highlighted by the height of the counter.

The Tonnille Reception Desk

The Tonnille is made out of 16mm HMR board and finished in 1mm hard wearing laminate. Under normal use, this desk will last a very long time.

The working bench can be set at either sitting or standing height, as with all of our counters.

To learn more about the Tonnille desk, click here


Skintology offers many beauty services including laser hair removal, skin peels and much more.

To check out Skintology’s website, click here

Custom office joinery

Vivallure’s manager Laura contacted us regarding some custom office joinery.

She was expanding the services offered by her company and needed some credenzas. These cupboards were to hide away things such as towel warmers, bar fridges and bins.

Even from Melbourne, Laura was able to get exactly what she was after in sizing and finishes. She went with a classy, clinical white gloss finish. Uniform drawers and doors created a very balanced look. 2 were sent down for her new beauty services.

We created these designs specifically for Laura, call us to do the same for you!

Laura also ordered the Amanda reception desk, a perfect option for a retail store.

The Amanda

The Amanda is one of the cheapest counters we offer, and is perfect as a register area.

It has a completely flat top and profile, creating a smooth and seam free look.

16mm HMR board is used to form the cabinets, and 1mm hard wearing white gloss laminate creates the finish.

To learn more about the Amanda reception desk, click here


Laura’s company Vivallure is in Port Melbourne and offers many great beauty products and services. 

To check out Vivallure’s website, click here

Stone Top Reception Desk for Attorneys

New classy stone top reception desk for attorneys, David and Angelkov & Co. Solicitors and Attorneys.

David contacted us needing a small reception desk with a classy presence. The Shangri-la Reception Desk was perfect for them, with its small foot print, LED lights and thin profile.

We customised the desk to get David exactly what he wanted, including a stone top on the counter.

Shangri-La Reception Desk

The Shangri-la is one of our smallest and most affordable desks.

It has a noticeable designer profile, outlined with LED lights, perfect for signage. Made using 16mm HMR board covered in hard wearing white gloss laminate.

Adding a stone top is one of the many customisations possible.

To learn more about the Shangri-la Reception desk, click here

David and Angelkov & Co. Solicitors and Attorneys

David was easy to deal with and very communicable.

To learn more about David and Angelkov & Co. Solicitors and Attorneys, click here


Curved Feature Reception Desk

Astute’s curved feature reception desk is the second desk they have ordered from us. They loved the first one so much they got another!

The first desk Astute ordered from us was for their branch being opened in the Nelson’s Bay area. To see the first Curvarto they bought with us, click here This time around, Astute in opening in Dee why.

The Curvarto reception desk is a high end designed desk at a budget price. The curved laminated panel at the front catches the light from above it and reflects it interestingly. This makes it a very good desk for signage placed in the centre, it really highlights it.

Hard wearing white gloss laminated panels of 16mm HMR board makes up this desk. The working desk is 35mm thick like a bench top for heavy duty working.

Astute Financial

Astute is a company providing financial services all over Australia.

Through their many branches, including this one in Dee why, they offer products for finance, wealth management and insurance.

To learn more about Astute Financial, click here

Therapy Reception Desk

Daniel contacted us to arrange a new therapy reception desk for Central Coast Therapy, his wife’s company.

They were after a reception desk to portray a professional business as soon as someone walks into their office. They also needed loads of working space behind the desk.

The Longton Reception desk was the desk they were after. This white gloss reception desk has a simple elegant design that faces the customer area. Combined with this is a large return on the desk for a lot of useable space.

This desk is made of 16mm HMR board covered in hard wearing gloss white laminate. Under normal use this desk will last a long time.

To learn more about the Longton reception desk, click here

Central Coast Occupational Therapy

Central Coast Occupational Therapy is a local company offering services to those surrounding Erina.

They help with things like aged care, home modifications, workplace assessment, paediatric intervention and much more.

To visit Central Coast Occupational Therapy’s website, click here

Alexandria The Billion Roses Florist Sales Counter

The Billion Roses store needed a new florist sales counter for their store in Alexandria.

They needed something simple, elegant and practical. Adam decided on the Amanda sales counter for those three reasons.

Adam was after a white gloss sales counter that looked very neat and tidy. The Amanda achieves this through a seamless design, creating a very smooth finish using hard wearing white gloss laminate. Behind the counter are some drawers and shelving for all the storage you need around a sales counter. Being a normal work bench height, this counter creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers to come up and pay for their orders.

The Amanda is built using very hard wearing materials. The core board is high moisture resistant (HMR) board, 16mm thick, for sturdy protection. The covering laminate is a super hard wearing gloss, perfect for a work surface. All of our counters and cabinets are Australian made by us on the Central Coast.

To learn more about the Amanda sales counter, please click here.

The Billion Roses

The Billion Roses is a Sydney based florist company, which ships interstate and internationally.

They sell some amazing arrangements, including their 1 year roses. These roses are specially treated by The Billion Roses to last 1 year without needing water!

To learn more about The Billion Roses, please click here to go to their web page.


Curvarto Reception Desk

Astute Financial contacted us after seeing our Curvarto Reception Desk online. They loved it so much they ordered it and paid on the spot.

Sam from Astute was looking for an affordable yet stylish reception desk for their new office opening in Nelson’s Bay. They needed something professional, practical, and a bit decorative for a stand out reception area. Jason in the new Nelson’s Bay office was thrilled with the result.

They were so thrilled in fact, they have ordered another one for their Dee Why office.

The Curvarto Reception Desk

The Curvarto is a simple, streamline desk which features a curved panel at the front. This creates an interesting surface for sign and lighting design, as the angles reflect the light. Using hard wearing white gloss laminate reflects the light even brighter to really make this a stand out desk. It is made out of HMR board, making it as hard wearing as it is attractive.

Find more information about the Curvarto by clicking here

Astute Financial

Astute is a company offering financial advise, wealth building advise and brokering services.

They have many partners in their endeavours, and are expanding as their name continues to grow.

To learn more about Astute, click here to go to their website.

Pizza Shop Reception Desk

Don and Kylie were looking for a new pizza shop reception desk.

They needed something to match the décor they were creating in their shop. It also needed to be a useful counter for reception, with the kind of storage a restaurant needs.

The Trade Counter matched what they were looking for.

We worked with Kylie to get the measurements and style right for their area. This included customising the bench top to a wood finish to match their floors and tables. A thick front was also added to the counter as they were going to have a tiled finish on the front, a stone veneer look.

This desk will last for a long time. Made of HMR board and covered in a very hard wearing laminate, under normal use it will last years and years.

To learn more about the Trade Counter, please click here.

Ronnie’s Pizza shop

Ronnie’s Pizza has two shops, one in St Mary’s, and the just opened one in Plumpton. This reception desk was made for Ronnie’s Pizza in Plumpton.

They were creating a new restaurant eatery in Plumpton, as well as offering take away/delivery services.

They have their menu online, serving both lunch and dinner.

Follow this link to Ronnie’s Pizza and order yourself a tasty treat!

Stylish Reception Desk for Salon

Kyra contacted us looking for a stylish reception desk to match her ideas for her new beauty parlor in Singleton.

She liked the Country Style Reception Desk as its extra trimmings matched the look she was after perfectly, a provincial elegant type of décor. Pale mint green, contrasting white and wooden floors are the chosen colour scheme. This looks lovely and peaceful, the atmosphere wanted in a Beauty spa.

The Country Style Reception desk is one of our high end counters. The country style reception desk and the country style shop counter are popular with customers who are looking to create a warm and traditional customer experience. The desks also lend atmosphere to help create a feeling of solid timelessness which is useful when establishing a new business. Of course backing it up with great, customer friendly service and good product delivery is more essential to maintaining a long term successful enterprise. It comes with hand carved corbels, raised and accented panels for signage, and a decorative bench top. The bench top remains extremely hard wearing due to the use of laminate, which matches the rest of the counter perfectly still. The rest is painted with a high quality satin paint.

It is a heavy, sturdy desk and will add charm to any reception area.

Kyra’s parlour

Kyra is opening her own Salon this Saturday, 1/4, right next door to the one she currently works in.

She is a qualified beauty therapist, offering everything you expect a good salon to offer! Massages, make up, hair, its all done there.

Come back for an updated post with her new salon details. For now here is a link to Indulgence spa where Kyra currently works. As said, it is right next door so it will get you to the right place if you are looking.

We wish Kyra all the best with her new business venture.

Link to Country Style shop & Sales counter page

Country Style Reception Desk shop page

White country style reception desk for office or shop

Shop counter with a country style look