October, and it's time to tune up the office. Get started with a new reception desk

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Hair salon consultation counter

The southern highlands has a new Hair salon consultation counter in town.

The consultation counters are selling like hot cakes at the moment, people like practicality and style.

Daniel from European Hair Design liked the large size of the consultation counter, with enough space to sit two people. This counter provides a large work area for a busy receptionist. But it doesn’t skimp on style in doing this, with a nice large, framed and lit up panel at the front. The panel looks good plain, but even better with your sign displayed on it.

Consultation counters are made out of HMR board. They are finished with hard wearing, scratch resistant laminate. This counter will look like new for a long time under normal use.

Large counters like this one create a useful wall like barrier for the receptionist to have their personal work space. Thanks to only being a counter though, and not a wall, the receptionist remains very approachable.

To learn more about the Consultation Counter, please click here

European Hair Design

European Hair Design is a full service salon. Go there for just a trim or a restyle. For a colour or perm. For men’s and children’s hair also.

Follow this link to their website to check it out: European Hair Design website


Salon reception desk looks good with surrounds

New Orange NSW reception desk

The Signarama franchise has opened a new store and needed a new signature Signarama Orange NSW reception desk

Audrey and Chris, a mother and son team, have taken over the Signarama franchise in Orange, near Bathurst. They escaped the rat race of Sydney to the nice country town of Orange for this new business venture. Being a Signarama business, it has a high profile and huge potential. Audrey and Chris bring in fresh energy and revitalisation, to uphold the corporate image that Signarama is implementing through their franchises.

They are going to put sales products on the wall behind the counter to leave the counter free, in contrast to other non-sign shops which often put signs on the counters!

Click to Signarama’s webpage and contact details in Orange. Orange Signarama

The Signarama Desk

Signarama as a franchise has been buying a specific desk off Maif, which is a modified Kenardy reception desk.

In the picture for this office, the Kenardy has the waterfall on the right hand side. Move the waterfall between the right and left side at no extra cost.

Your branding sits simply on the front of the desk. It creates a smooth, seamless look with its intended lack of profiles.

Our desk is made with hard wearing white gloss laminate, that will stand the test of time under normal uses.

To see a standard Kenardy reception desk, please click here

Custom consultation reception desk in Deewhy


Front of consultation desk

Dee Why Physio decided to move premises into a bigger and better facility. A Custom consultation reception desk was perfect for their new surrounds.


The business outgrew the old venue, so when it came time to renew the least, they looked around the local area and found an office very suited to their needs.

Gabriella worked closely with us in coming up with a functional design that suited her needs perfectly. She liked the consultation counter because of the size, and that she could have a couple people working there. Once that design was decided for the front, it got modified by extending the return and putting it on the outside of the counter rather than behind. A privacy panel was also added to the side so employees have privacy to work. She now has lots of space for printers, scanners and other office equipment.

Back, working side of the desk

Colours and materials

The physio like the look of the clean white frontage with the light, and is going to get a sign on the front at a later date. Her décor is blue walls, grey patterned carpet tiles with contrasting white and orange office chairs to go with the desk. It is a nice open office, with windows all around and wheelchair access. Overall the look is very effective, not clashing, but complementing each other.

The consultation desk is made of HMR board, covered with a hard wearing white gloss laminate. 32mm HMR was used to provide the necessary strength to the table like return on the side of the desk, which provided a uniformed look finish with the 32mm bench on top.

To see a standard Consultation Counter, please click here

In addition to their regular services, with the new extra space, they are offering professional aerobic exercise classes.

Gabriella has an experienced team of physio therapists and can look after all your regular and sports injuries.

Dee Why Physio contact details


Custom Office Joinery Ryde

MaiF supplied some Custom Office Joinery Ryde area. A small property management company was in the market for furniture for a small office in Ryde/Top Ryde. They needed a kitchenette, office desks, front reception counter, printer station and other small joinery items.

The vibrant white gloss of the counters and desks looked good with the colours Joe had set up in the office space. The glass petitioning and grey carpets contrasted nicely with the white of the joinery.

The office desks we made suited the design of their office. They give plenty of space to sit on both sides, the customer side and employee side, allowing plenty of room to communicate with customers. Due to using glass petitioning in the office, extra care was taken to make the joinery look good from both sides.

All the office furniture was assembled in the factory, then disassembled, delivered and installed on site. Most of the joinery was finished in hard wearing white gloss laminate. This material is more durable than plain melamine and gives it a smooth finish.

MaiF services the Sydney area for office fit outs such as this. Please ring to discuss your office needs.

Joe serves his customers from Ryde and surrounding suburbs such as Epping, Eastwood, Gladesville and Macquarie Park in his stunning new office.

Design drawings to customers specifications

Office tables design drawings to customer specifications

Black Trade Desk

Tamara said of the trade desk: “Great service from initial enquiry with Maif to job completion on the date agreed. More importantly at the time agreed to minimise disruption for the shop. Many thanks, Tamara.” Tamara from Outdoor Elegance behind her Black Trade Desk.

Outdoor Elegance needed a shop counter for their showroom Tamara manages in Terry Hills. They needed something that was appealing to the eye and large enough for their store. It also had to be practical enough and to provide a certain amount of storage.

The Black Trade Desk is a fantastic way to go if you are after a streamline and professional side to present to the customers. Along with that, you get a large work desk and some shelving for storage on your side of the desk. This desk is made of black melamine front and white melamine cupboards. Bench tops are made from laminate, which is a hard wearing material better than melamine. Its a durable finish that shows very few scratches with a normal amount of care. The counter disassembles for easy installation. We install locally, but interstate deliveries require some assembling by a person with basic assembling skills and with a battery screw driver. Comes with cable entries for computers, printers, etc. We have shipped this counter to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. It comes in a variety of configurations, ring to discuss your needs.

Through communication, a custom design of the Black Trade Desk was created specifically for Tamara. Tamara got her custom black trade desk installed on the 6th of December. We were able to customise the trade desk to suit Tamara’s needs as regards measurements and the return on the desk.

To see a standard Trade counter, please click here

Outdoor Elegance trade desk

Outdoor Elegance

This Outdoor Elegance showroom is located in Terry Hills. Outdoor Elegance provides beautiful outdoor furniture options. They have multiple showrooms, and also have Australia wide shipping as an option. http://outdoorelegance.com.au/

Leanne from “Le Beauty Affair” in Seven Hills chose to order the Shan-gri La counter as her New Reception Desk Seven Hills

“Love the design. Mark listened to my needs and wants. Was very helpful. I’m very happy.”

Leanne said she likes the solid and sturdy build of the counter compared to others she had seen, also the option for customisation.

Leanne wanted a smart looking counter for her new salon that would provide a professional feel as soon as a customer enters the shop, while at the same time being very practical and hard wearing in design. In a fast pace business, Leanne needed an efficient design, holding everything she needs, yet still have ease of access to all items. Leanne also took the option of getting locks on her drawers for security.

When we supplied this New Reception Desk Seven Hills it was simply a matter of delivering it, dropping it in and it was ready for business straight away.

Le Beauty Affair

Le Beauty Affair is a cosmetic business, selling beauty products online and also in their new salon. In the salon, make up services are offered along with the products for purchase. These services include make up for Bridal, Formal and other special occasions, with some great deals offered by Leanne.

Customers come from Le Beauty Affair’s suburb Seven Hills, and from surrounding areas including Blacktown, Bella Vista, Westmead and Parramatta to name a few.


Shangri-la webpage click here

Le Beauty Affair’s new white gloss reception desk

Leanne with her new desk

New Public reception Desk for tourist information center

Public reception Desk for local council in Lithgow. The previous desk was as plain as a table with with 2 chairs behind it, a panel in front to hide the wires and a couple of computers on top. AUS Visual Merchandising Solutions       Link       was contracted to manage the upgrade to the facility. The head designer from Visual Merchandising Solutions, contacted us to make them a counter. We had  previously built counters for other businesses where AUS VM and  our work had overlapped.

The old desk left visitors confused as to where approach staff for information. The new desk was to make make it instantly obvious as to where the focal point was. What had been happening previously, visitors would select mementos or other merchandising and sort of wander around looking for the counter to  pay at.

Another feature that had been requested by the designer for the public reception desk was to have an area where maps could be laid out easily and discussed with visitors. A feature light was to be positioned above this bench. The design of the public reception desk along with other makeover / facelift details was to modernize and give a lift to the 15year old building. Because it is a old mining town and has a earthy, rustic, colonial feeling about the town, it was decided to add a Blackbutt solid timber top to the back credenza and some Blackbutt timber features to the front of the the counter to soften the newness and to blend it in with other rustic furniture  in the center. Led lights were added to give a gentle glow feature.

Counter for government building


If you are a new or existing business, upgrading or doing a new fitout contact us discuss your counter requirements.


Shop display joinery

We recently supplied this large custom made shop display joinery to Douge in Balmain.Made to suit the width and height of the availabe space



Martial Arts Reception Desk

We recently supplied this new white trade counter To IWKA Kung Fu center in Waterloo. We made a couple of modifications to make it suitable for their site. It blends in well on the timber floor


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Good luck to Peter and the guys with their smart new facility IWKA Australia 67 Botany Rd Waterloo 2017 Phone:    02 9698 6540


Visit  IWKA Website Trade Counter Pricing

Another  Martial arts Reception desk

Office work stations

New office joinery supplied to local school.

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