Office drawers, file drawer, White


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Product Description

Office Drawers

These drawers are built to be free standing,
Finished on all sides front back and top.


Sturdy pre assembled file drawers. Not a flat pack style.
We have tested and can easily withstand  100Kg on top.
Can be used behind or under the counter.
Metal easy roll runners.
Modern and clean looking to match our counters and desks.
Finished all over and can be free standing.
Save time just place and use.
Stock colours are black and white gloss
Other colours available, subject to quantities
Ring to discuss quantities and delivery

Office drawer sizes

Height 680mm x 460mm wide x 500mm deep.
The office drawers have 2 top drawers for the usual items , pens, papers, cash drawer and so forth.
The bottom drawer has a metal suspension file cage .
We designed these drawers to fit comfortably under the bench top of our counters.

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Office file drawers


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