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Gloss reception desk

Tonnille Gloss reception desk

Structural Building Management

John and Sally Khadi from Structural Building Management were look for a new white gloss reception desk for their office, and they didn’t need to look any further.

Out of our range, they chose the Tonnille reception desk. This desk suited their needs for sizing, colour, durability and design.

Structural Building Management is located in Parramatta They offer services including building repairs, office and retail strip out and fit out, building upgrades, and much more. Offices, retails spaces, and outdoors, they take care of it all. Follow the link below to their website and contact details. Structural Building Management

Tonnille white gloss reception desk

A very popular desk, the Tonnille is a compact desk with a large panel for brand display at the front. It features a simple, elegant design, in white or black gloss.

The desk is made of HMR board. It is finished with gloss hard wearing laminate. These two features mean that the Tonnille will last a long time under normal desk use.

To learn more about the Tonnille Reception Desk, please click here

Physiotherapy reception desk

Physiotherapy reception desk

Physiotherapy reception desk

Yvette and Nick needed a physiotherapy reception desk. Pontifex physiotherapy was opening a new practice in sutherland and needed a nice new reception desk for their new premises.

Nick and yvette were combining a small custom version our Wembley reception desk with Ikea’s office lounge. Their office colour theme was white on grey which looked very nice, and accentuated by the gloss white Wembley.

The Wembley desk is a good choice for small offices, as it is compact, easy to move, and can fit in lifts. It is made of HMR board and finished in a hard wearing gloss laminate. To learn more about the Wembley Reception Desk, please click here

We wish Nick and Yvette all the best of luck with their new business, and you can find their detail here. Pontifex Physiotherapy facebook