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black gloss desk

Black Gloss Desk for Reception

Black Gloss Desk

If you want to follow the office trends, definitely go with a black gloss desk for your reception.

These gloss black desks suit every office space. They instantly create an elegant environment for your shop or office.

Joel contacted us after seeing the Kennardy on our website and knowing what he was after. Blunt umbrella’s sells colourful umbrellas, so a black desk is the perfect option for them.

We were able to get their desk to them quickly thanks to their easy communication.

Kenardy Reception Desk

The Kenardy is a useful desk. It combines a reception desk with a customer table, doing it all in one place.

It is a smooth, classic looking counter, with clean crisp lines. Comes in standard white or black gloss.

It is made using 16mm HMR board and finished with hard wearing gloss laminate. Under normal uses, this desk will last a very long time.

To learn more about the Kenardy Reception Desk, please click here.

Blunt Umbrellas

If you have ever been poked in the eye by a wayward umbrella, you must check out Blunt Umbrellas. They have figured out how to rid us of that problem forever!

To learn more about Blunt Umbrellas, please click here.

white desk

White Desk for Dental Surgery

White Desk for Dental Surgery

Durga contacted us to purchase a white desk for each of his two dental surgery’s.

He needed something clinical and clean to match the ideal of a dentists office. The Wembley caught his eye for one, and the Consultation counter for the other.

These counters have very similar fronts, with white gloss finish and clean lines, with the Consultation counter including a return on the side.

Durga said of MaiF, “Easy to deal with. Professional, awesome desks to have. Worth a lot of money.”

The Wembley

One of our most popular desks, the Wembley is a standard for offices.

It boasts a chunky, minimalist design, covered in a white gloss laminate. This creates a very modern office look, by adding one piece of furniture!

It is made of 16mm HMR board and finished in a hard wearing gloss white laminate. Under normal use, this counter will last a very long time.

To learn more about the Wembley reception desk, please click here

Thornton and Mayfield Dental Clinics

We wish Durga the best of luck with his new clinics.

To learn more about Thornton Dental, please click here To learn more about Mayfield Dental Care, please click here