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Custom Trade Counter

Custom Trade Counter

Custom Trade Counter

Sam from Drill Cut at Silverwater contacted us about creating a custom trade counter for sales out of their warehouse.

They have large items they are moving, hence they needed a large counter. It needed to be extra strong and chemical resistant due to the stock they sell, so we sourced special laminates for his desk.

We worked closely with Sam and did a few site visits in order for him to get exactly what he was after in a sales desk.

Compared to our standard trade counter, this custom trade counter has actually been reversed. Normally we create the customer area to the outside of the L shape, however for Drill Cut’s purposes it was useful to switch that around.

Along with getting extra resistant laminate, we got custom colours, not just white and black. This has worked into Drill Cut’s design well.

Sam’s custom trade counter from the front customer side

Trade Counter

The trade counter is a very versatile and robust counter which makes it perfect for companies that are moving large amounts of stock.

It is a large counter in its standard sizing, creating a large space to process stock and serve customers as well as possible.

Strong moisture resistant MDF 16mm board is used to build the carcass of the counter. Finished in hard wearing high gloss laminate, this counter will last a long time under normal usage.

To learn more about the Trade Counter, please click here.

Drill Cut

Drill Cut is a nationwide company providing innovative building solutions to its customers. At a few different locations, such as the place at Silverwater, one can buy and pick up large amounts of a very large variety of products.

For more information about Drill Cut, please click on this link.

Office fit out

Office Fit Out at Blacktown

Office Fit Out at Blacktown

William and Nora from Dentessential have ordered a shop fit out from us before, and had us come in again to discuss an office fit out for his dental surgery in Blacktown. He needed an update to his entire office, creating a modern professional look and at the same time a lot more storage.

We set a time to have a meeting on site. This is where the process begins. We discussed the ideas they had for the space and added to the ideas from a manufacturing standpoint. Taking measurements and creating hand drawings to ensure we were on the same page is done next. Once everyone is happy with the preliminary design, we can look at colour schemes and samples to move along with the design.

For William and Nora, we went over their reception area, the hallway storage and William’s office. These are 3 very different spaces.

Reception Area

Reception areas need to show a professional face to customers and create a welcoming environment. They can also show some personality to give people an insight into you company. Nora is very switched on to design, thus she had a multi-level L shaped desk already in mind. We drew a mock up of what she was after and picked out colours she liked. Dentessential also has their own bespoke customer cards, so we designed some filing drawers specific for them.

Hallway Storage

The hallway storage is a utility area, and thus needs to be practical more than anything. It is still in the customers view, so it does need to look attractive as well. Existing storage cupboards weren’t standing up to the use they received, so we designed cupboards with 25mm thick shelving to hold larger weights. They were finished in tall, simple doors that were gloss white. This creates a unobtrusive yet classy system of storage.

William’s Office

William’s office is an area to have one on one’s with customers to go over their specific treatments. It needed to be a welcoming, professional office, with a large amount of filing space for customer information. A darker colour was chosen for some cabinetry in this room, which does help create a more serious feel. File drawers blend seamlessly with the cabinets above. The overall impression is a very sleek and professional office.

William’s office cabinet

William’s office filing wall

William’s office full view

At this stage, Dentessential has gone ahead with the hallway storage and William’s office renovation. The reception area is on hold at the moment, but we look forward to working with them in the future.