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Small marble salon counter

Small marble salon counter

Vesna hired the designer Jelena Matic to find the perfect counter for her shop. Jelena knew she wanted a small marble salon counter, and we were able to create the look she was after.

Calacutta Grey from Polytec is a great new marble look laminate. With Matera finish, it is smooth and matte creating a close real stone look. 

We customised our standard Tonnille, seen here.

Jelena and Vesna needed a much smaller counter to the standard sizing, and added the decorative marble panel in the middle. 

Vesna is a hair dresser in Mosman. Vesna’s hair salon can be found here.

Marble shop counter

Marble Look Shop Counter

New marble shop counter for salon business in Maitland/Newcastle area. 

We supplied this counter to suit the customers colour choice of laminate.

Calacutta Grey from Polytec is the laminate used. This creates a close to real stone look for a fraction of the cost. The laminate finish is much hard wearing than traditional marble.

There are many laminates available at varying costs. With this particular laminate Polytec has a introduced new texture Matera, which is not gloss, but a smooth matte finish. This is new technology that they incorporate into their laminates. It’s unlike any of the other textures from 5-10 years ago.

To see a full sample of the laminate click here.

The atmosphere created is an expensive salon look. 

Give us a call if you’re looking for a marble look counter. Most of our counters are premade and in stock in white gloss finish, but custom colours can be done reasonably quickly. Call to discuss.