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White counter with timber slats

Public reception Desk

New Public reception Desk for tourist information center

Public reception Desk for local council in Lithgow. The previous desk was as plain as a table with with 2 chairs behind it, a panel in front to hide the wires and a couple of computers on top. AUS Visual Merchandising Solutions       Link       was contracted to manage the upgrade to the facility. The head designer from Visual Merchandising Solutions, contacted us to make them a counter. We had  previously built counters for other businesses where AUS VM and  our work had overlapped.

The old desk left visitors confused as to where approach staff for information. The new desk was to make make it instantly obvious as to where the focal point was. What had been happening previously, visitors would select mementos or other merchandising and sort of wander around looking for the counter to  pay at.

Another feature that had been requested by the designer for the public reception desk was to have an area where maps could be laid out easily and discussed with visitors. A feature light was to be positioned above this bench. The design of the public reception desk along with other makeover / facelift details was to modernize and give a lift to the 15year old building. Because it is a old mining town and has a earthy, rustic, colonial feeling about the town, it was decided to add a Blackbutt solid timber top to the back credenza and some Blackbutt timber features to the front of the the counter to soften the newness and to blend it in with other rustic furniture  in the center. Led lights were added to give a gentle glow feature.

Counter for government building


If you are a new or existing business, upgrading or doing a new fitout contact us discuss your counter requirements.


Shop display joinery

Shop display joinery

We recently supplied this large custom made shop display joinery to Douge in Balmain.Made to suit the width and height of the availabe space



Slatwall Mobile

Slatwall Mobile displays. Large and small

Slatwall  Mobile

We can make your slatwall  mobile shop displays. Ring to discuss.

These mobile displays have 4, 6 or 8 high quality 90 KG castors, Slat wall with aluminum inserts and Clear anodised  angle corners. We have other designs and styles.

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