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White counter with timber slats

Public reception Desk

New Public reception Desk for tourist information center

Public reception Desk for local council in Lithgow. The previous desk was as plain as a table with with 2 chairs behind it, a panel in front to hide the wires and a couple of computers on top. AUS Visual Merchandising Solutions       Link       was contracted to manage the upgrade to the facility. The head designer from Visual Merchandising Solutions, contacted us to make them a counter. We had  previously built counters for other businesses where AUS VM and  our work had overlapped.

The old desk left visitors confused as to where approach staff for information. The new desk was to make make it instantly obvious as to where the focal point was. What had been happening previously, visitors would select mementos or other merchandising and sort of wander around looking for the counter to  pay at.

Another feature that had been requested by the designer for the public reception desk was to have an area where maps could be laid out easily and discussed with visitors. A feature light was to be positioned above this bench. The design of the public reception desk along with other makeover / facelift details was to modernize and give a lift to the 15year old building. Because it is a old mining town and has a earthy, rustic, colonial feeling about the town, it was decided to add a Blackbutt solid timber top to the back credenza and some Blackbutt timber features to the front of the the counter to soften the newness and to blend it in with other rustic furniture  in the center. Led lights were added to give a gentle glow feature.

Counter for government building


If you are a new or existing business, upgrading or doing a new fitout contact us discuss your counter requirements.


White Office furniture

White Office Furniture

White Office furniture will brighten up the decor. It looks good on carpet and timber of any colour.Read more
Reception counter Newcastle

Reception counter Newcastle

Reception counter Newcastle

We recently delivered this white reception desk to Newcastle. Reception counter Newcastle It is for a financial advisor. It is our Wembley reception desk and is on a black tile floor . The Wembley has a light in the front. Call us to discuss delivery costs or counter needs.


The laminates we use have been designed and manufactured  to a  physical and chemical standard. The standard is equal to or greater than the international standards established for High Pressure Laminates. (HPL) The standard used is  NEMA LD3.2005. The laminate we use is suitable for shop fitting, kitchen benchtops, office furniture and workstations. Hair dressers have tested this laminate for stain resistance to their dyes and chemicals and have found them to have no effect on it.

Cleaning of laminate

As it has a smooth, non-porous surface, the laminate does not accumulate dirt. This product is certified by Microban R. This makes it difficult for bacteria to proliferate. It is very easy to look after. Just wipe down with a damp cloth using household cleaning products. Do not  use products that contain solvents or any abrasive cleaning agents.


Installation is as simple as sitting in position A solid build, 2 strong men can lift the assembled unit.

For further information please call 0416233026

Reception counter Newcastle

Fitness center reception desk

Fitness center reception counter

Fitness center reception counter

This white reception desk is our popular trade counter. It features a 300mm x 3600mm long benchtop service area with a return. It can be black or white. The trade counter is left or right handed depending on your requirements. We delivered and installed this fitness center reception counter in Wollongong. It looks striking on the timber floor

Reception counter Wollongong

Fitness center reception desk

Red and white gloss reception desk with return

Reception counter with return

We supplied this reception counter with return to Ballarat in Victoria. A new Foot and ankle clinic was being set up and needed a reception counter. The red and white gloss finish suited their logo and theme that they were developing. We also supplied a office set of drawers to go with the counter also finished in white gloss laminate. Our office drawers come with 2 smaller drawers for small sundries and a file rack in the bottom drawer. The counter was delivered to Victoria using a furniture removalist. The counter was preassembled in our factory and then disassembled  before being loaded and carefully packed. The customer then reassembles the reception counter when it arrives. It is quite eassily reassembled with the assistane of a battery screwdriver. We supply all the screws, cable entries and joining plates needed for the assembly of the Longton reception counter with return.


Modern look. Modern feel. Long return. Brilliant hard wearing red and white gloss finish to the front. Hard wearing  white matte laminate to the working surface. 3 cable entries. Side panel with upturn to prevent items from falling. Solid sturdy construction. Easily movable, freestanding counter.


The standard Longton reception counter with return is 2000mm wide x front 1200mm high x depth  2600mm. The working bench tops are 600mm deep. The height of the benches is 735mm high. The return panel is 800mm high.


We have supplied the  Longton  reception counter to doctors surgeries, fitness centers, real estate agents and dental clinics. The long section can go against a wall and the faxes and other office equipment sit upon it.   Another way is the return can form a wall or barrier and people walk  next to it.  keeping the office separate or behind the panel while still being open.

Reception desk with long return. Red and white front with white return

Longton – Reception counter white gloss, low return $1,890.00 Select options
Waiting room counter

Waiting room counter – recruitment agency

A new waiting room counter for an expanding business.Read more
reception desk with stone top

Reception Desk Newcastle

Office renovation with reception desk on carpeted floor. Black and white gloss reception counter.Read more
Reception desk counter

Reception desk counter, Canberra. Mini Brando

Reception counter for small reception areaRead more
New reception counter Brisbane

Reception Desks Brisbane.

Reception Desks Brisbane.

This week was Brisbane week.  3 delivered counters to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We send a lot of reception desks Brisbane.

Trade counter

The first counter was one off our trade counters. It had black front panels and black service tops. The counter  for an earth moving machinery company was preassembled in our factory then half dis-assembled then sent by furniture removalists to the Gold Coast. Take a look at our Trade counter Here

Brando Reception counter

The second reception desks Brisbane was an all white reception counter for a medical practice, It had a white stone top and a light. Check out our Brando reception counter Here

Consultation counter

The third reception counter was for a financial consultant. They chose a consultation counter to which we added a few little tweaks to customise it to the way they wanted it. Check out our consultation counter Here

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