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Custom Trade Counter

Custom Trade Counter

Custom Trade Counter

Sam from Drill Cut at Silverwater contacted us about creating a custom trade counter for sales out of their warehouse.

They have large items they are moving, hence they needed a large counter. It needed to be extra strong and chemical resistant due to the stock they sell, so we sourced special laminates for his desk.

We worked closely with Sam and did a few site visits in order for him to get exactly what he was after in a sales desk.

Compared to our standard trade counter, this custom trade counter has actually been reversed. Normally we create the customer area to the outside of the L shape, however for Drill Cut’s purposes it was useful to switch that around.

Along with getting extra resistant laminate, we got custom colours, not just white and black. This has worked into Drill Cut’s design well.

Sam’s custom trade counter from the front customer side

Trade Counter

The trade counter is a very versatile and robust counter which makes it perfect for companies that are moving large amounts of stock.

It is a large counter in its standard sizing, creating a large space to process stock and serve customers as well as possible.

Strong moisture resistant MDF 16mm board is used to build the carcass of the counter. Finished in hard wearing high gloss laminate, this counter will last a long time under normal usage.

To learn more about the Trade Counter, please click here.

Drill Cut

Drill Cut is a nationwide company providing innovative building solutions to its customers. At a few different locations, such as the place at Silverwater, one can buy and pick up large amounts of a very large variety of products.

For more information about Drill Cut, please click on this link.

White counter with timber slats

Public reception Desk

New Public reception Desk for tourist information center

Public reception Desk for local council in Lithgow. The previous desk was as plain as a table with with 2 chairs behind it, a panel in front to hide the wires and a couple of computers on top. AUS Visual Merchandising Solutions       Link       was contracted to manage the upgrade to the facility. The head designer from Visual Merchandising Solutions, contacted us to make them a counter. We had  previously built counters for other businesses where AUS VM and  our work had overlapped.

The old desk left visitors confused as to where approach staff for information. The new desk was to make make it instantly obvious as to where the focal point was. What had been happening previously, visitors would select mementos or other merchandising and sort of wander around looking for the counter to  pay at.

Another feature that had been requested by the designer for the public reception desk was to have an area where maps could be laid out easily and discussed with visitors. A feature light was to be positioned above this bench. The design of the public reception desk along with other makeover / facelift details was to modernize and give a lift to the 15year old building. Because it is a old mining town and has a earthy, rustic, colonial feeling about the town, it was decided to add a Blackbutt solid timber top to the back credenza and some Blackbutt timber features to the front of the the counter to soften the newness and to blend it in with other rustic furniture  in the center. Led lights were added to give a gentle glow feature.

Counter for government building


If you are a new or existing business, upgrading or doing a new fitout contact us discuss your counter requirements.


Pop up shop, Shop kiosk for shopping center

Pop up shop, Shop kiosk for shopping center





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Contact us for more details or to discuss your project

Reception counter Newcastle

Reception counter Newcastle

Reception counter Newcastle

We recently delivered this white reception desk to Newcastle. Reception counter Newcastle It is for a financial advisor. It is our Wembley reception desk and is on a black tile floor . The Wembley has a light in the front. Call us to discuss delivery costs or counter needs.


The laminates we use have been designed and manufactured  to a  physical and chemical standard. The standard is equal to or greater than the international standards established for High Pressure Laminates. (HPL) The standard used is  NEMA LD3.2005. The laminate we use is suitable for shop fitting, kitchen benchtops, office furniture and workstations. Hair dressers have tested this laminate for stain resistance to their dyes and chemicals and have found them to have no effect on it.

Cleaning of laminate

As it has a smooth, non-porous surface, the laminate does not accumulate dirt. This product is certified by Microban R. This makes it difficult for bacteria to proliferate. It is very easy to look after. Just wipe down with a damp cloth using household cleaning products. Do not  use products that contain solvents or any abrasive cleaning agents.


Installation is as simple as sitting in position A solid build, 2 strong men can lift the assembled unit.

For further information please call 0416233026

Reception counter Newcastle

Reception counters Wollongong, Dapto, Port Kembla

Reception counters Wollongong.

Reception counters Wollongong, Dapto, Port Kembla We recently supplied some counters to businesses in Wollongong. Counters for fitness centers, real estate agents and hair dressers. Cost varies for different desks but for our regular smaller reception counters we charge $280 for delivery and setup. We ask you for a hand taking off the largest pieces.

Reception counters Wollongong, Dapto, Port Kembla

Reception counters Wollongong

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Fitness center reception desk

Fitness center reception counter

Fitness center reception counter

This white reception desk is our popular trade counter. It features a 300mm x 3600mm long benchtop service area with a return. It can be black or white. The trade counter is left or right handed depending on your requirements. We delivered and installed this fitness center reception counter in Wollongong. It looks striking on the timber floor

Reception counter Wollongong

Fitness center reception desk

Big counter for electrical wholesale shop

New Sales Counter

A large corner counter for a expanding wholesale business.Read more
Black gloss reception desk

New Reception Counter for wedding dress shop counter

Wedding dress shop counter

MaiF Shopfitting Supplied the joinery for this new wedding dress shop on Parramatta rd. The Shop sells wedding dresses is for the Sposa group. The New reception counter / reception desk is in a high gloss black. The counter is in the front of the shop and has black joinery behind it . It will help to create an impressive front entry to their shop.

Click to visit The Sposa group Website


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Retail sales counter.

White Sales counter for busy pool shop

White sales counter

The guys out at Sydney’s best pool service took over a going concern a year ago. They are revitalizing the business and their first major improvement was the front sales desk. They have a easy going relationship with their customers so wanted a counter where seating could be placed while they analyzed their water samples. They selected our trade counter in all over white and we put a sink into the top for them to dispose of the water after analysis. White sales counter We wish the guys the best for their business Sydney’s Best Pool Service Pty Ltd 235 Ray Rd Epping, NSW 2121 02 9876 2931

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