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CNC Machine Cutting

You may or may not have heard of a CNC machine before.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It terms of a cutting machine, this means the cutter is controlled by a computer on a numerical grid.
This creates extremely accurate cutting straight from a design on a computer.

As it uses a router to do it’s cutting, it also means it can cut in all directions, unlike using a table saw which cuts one way.
Having a tool changer on the machine means it can change from a router bit to a drill bit (or any kind of bit) during the same job.

The end result of this is a fast, accurate way to cut cabinets out of board, that get holes drilled in to it as it is being cut.

CNC For You

Why are we telling you about this?

If you are a joinery business, you may be looking for a faster way to cut your joinery. With the system we use, we would be able to take computer design files from you and cut them on our machine.

If you are a business consumer, you may be looking for assembled or flat pack joinery for your office fit out or store fit out. Having the option of getting your furniture flat pack can save you a lot of money.

If you are renovating, you may be looking for a flat pack kitchen, laundry, wardrobe, or any kind of joinery around the house. Again, having the flat pack option can save a lot of money.

If your a graphic artist, you may be looking for a new and interesting way to show your designs. We can take 3D models and create them in wood, metal and plastic.

Why is it better?

Aside from being extremely accurate and fast which saves money on labour, the biggest reason CNC machine cut cabinets are better is they can be custom.

Even using the flatpack option, we can create custom cabinets.
We do not mean cabinets that are modular and then some custom panels to finish the job.
We literally mean entirely custom cabinets can be made for a fraction of the cost you may be imagining.

By going straight from the computer to the cutting machine, we can design and create 3D cabinets in our program to any dimensions and get it cut instantly.

Our Services

We can offer a few different types of service to you with this machine.

  • We can simply take a design from you and cut it to your exact specifications.
    This would be the cheapest option, and if you feel certain of your design then it would be for you.
    The only problem can come from an inaccurately measured part on your behalf, creating an issue with the fit of the cabinets.
  • We can take a site measure from you and create a design of the space based on your measurements, but using our general cabinetry build.
    If you know the overall idea of what you are after, but are happy for us to move things 20mm here and there, this would be you.
  • We can flat pack items and deliver them to you.
  • We can assemble items and deliver them to you for yourself to install.
  • As we are a fully fledged Shop fitting and Kitchen company, we can offer a total installation package as well.
  • If you are looking for signs or 3D models, each service would be based entirely on the type of design

These are just some examples.

The possibilities are almost endless with a machine like this.

If you have an idea, do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss. We are open to discuss anything.

Give us a call!

CNC machine

CNC machine