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Small marble salon counter

Small marble salon counter

Vesna hired the designer Jelena Matic to find the perfect counter for her shop. Jelena knew she wanted a small marble salon counter, and we were able to create the look she was after.

Calacutta Grey from Polytec is a great new marble look laminate. With Matera finish, it is smooth and matte creating a close real stone look. 

We customised our standard Tonnille, seen here.

Jelena and Vesna needed a much smaller counter to the standard sizing, and added the decorative marble panel in the middle. 

Vesna is a hair dresser in Mosman. Vesna’s hair salon can be found here.

Marble shop counter

Marble Look Shop Counter

New marble shop counter for salon business in Maitland/Newcastle area. 

We supplied this counter to suit the customers colour choice of laminate.

Calacutta Grey from Polytec is the laminate used. This creates a close to real stone look for a fraction of the cost. The laminate finish is much hard wearing than traditional marble.

There are many laminates available at varying costs. With this particular laminate Polytec has a introduced new texture Matera, which is not gloss, but a smooth matte finish. This is new technology that they incorporate into their laminates. It’s unlike any of the other textures from 5-10 years ago.

To see a full sample of the laminate click here.

The atmosphere created is an expensive salon look. 

Give us a call if you’re looking for a marble look counter. Most of our counters are premade and in stock in white gloss finish, but custom colours can be done reasonably quickly. Call to discuss.

Custom Trade Counter

Custom Trade Counter

Custom Trade Counter

Sam from Drill Cut at Silverwater contacted us about creating a custom trade counter for sales out of their warehouse.

They have large items they are moving, hence they needed a large counter. It needed to be extra strong and chemical resistant due to the stock they sell, so we sourced special laminates for his desk.

We worked closely with Sam and did a few site visits in order for him to get exactly what he was after in a sales desk.

Compared to our standard trade counter, this custom trade counter has actually been reversed. Normally we create the customer area to the outside of the L shape, however for Drill Cut’s purposes it was useful to switch that around.

Along with getting extra resistant laminate, we got custom colours, not just white and black. This has worked into Drill Cut’s design well.

Sam’s custom trade counter from the front customer side

Trade Counter

The trade counter is a very versatile and robust counter which makes it perfect for companies that are moving large amounts of stock.

It is a large counter in its standard sizing, creating a large space to process stock and serve customers as well as possible.

Strong moisture resistant MDF 16mm board is used to build the carcass of the counter. Finished in hard wearing high gloss laminate, this counter will last a long time under normal usage.

To learn more about the Trade Counter, please click here.

Drill Cut

Drill Cut is a nationwide company providing innovative building solutions to its customers. At a few different locations, such as the place at Silverwater, one can buy and pick up large amounts of a very large variety of products.

For more information about Drill Cut, please click on this link.

Office fit out

Office Fit Out at Blacktown

Office Fit Out at Blacktown

William and Nora from Dentessential have ordered a shop fit out from us before, and had us come in again to discuss an office fit out for his dental surgery in Blacktown. He needed an update to his entire office, creating a modern professional look and at the same time a lot more storage.

We set a time to have a meeting on site. This is where the process begins. We discussed the ideas they had for the space and added to the ideas from a manufacturing standpoint. Taking measurements and creating hand drawings to ensure we were on the same page is done next. Once everyone is happy with the preliminary design, we can look at colour schemes and samples to move along with the design.

For William and Nora, we went over their reception area, the hallway storage and William’s office. These are 3 very different spaces.

Reception Area

Reception areas need to show a professional face to customers and create a welcoming environment. They can also show some personality to give people an insight into you company. Nora is very switched on to design, thus she had a multi-level L shaped desk already in mind. We drew a mock up of what she was after and picked out colours she liked. Dentessential also has their own bespoke customer cards, so we designed some filing drawers specific for them.

Hallway Storage

The hallway storage is a utility area, and thus needs to be practical more than anything. It is still in the customers view, so it does need to look attractive as well. Existing storage cupboards weren’t standing up to the use they received, so we designed cupboards with 25mm thick shelving to hold larger weights. They were finished in tall, simple doors that were gloss white. This creates a unobtrusive yet classy system of storage.

William’s Office

William’s office is an area to have one on one’s with customers to go over their specific treatments. It needed to be a welcoming, professional office, with a large amount of filing space for customer information. A darker colour was chosen for some cabinetry in this room, which does help create a more serious feel. File drawers blend seamlessly with the cabinets above. The overall impression is a very sleek and professional office.

William’s office cabinet

William’s office filing wall

William’s office full view

At this stage, Dentessential has gone ahead with the hallway storage and William’s office renovation. The reception area is on hold at the moment, but we look forward to working with them in the future.

black gloss desk

Black Gloss Desk for Reception

Black Gloss Desk

If you want to follow the office trends, definitely go with a black gloss desk for your reception.

These gloss black desks suit every office space. They instantly create an elegant environment for your shop or office.

Joel contacted us after seeing the Kennardy on our website and knowing what he was after. Blunt umbrella’s sells colourful umbrellas, so a black desk is the perfect option for them.

We were able to get their desk to them quickly thanks to their easy communication.

Kenardy Reception Desk

The Kenardy is a useful desk. It combines a reception desk with a customer table, doing it all in one place.

It is a smooth, classic looking counter, with clean crisp lines. Comes in standard white or black gloss.

It is made using 16mm HMR board and finished with hard wearing gloss laminate. Under normal uses, this desk will last a very long time.

To learn more about the Kenardy Reception Desk, please click here.

Blunt Umbrellas

If you have ever been poked in the eye by a wayward umbrella, you must check out Blunt Umbrellas. They have figured out how to rid us of that problem forever!

To learn more about Blunt Umbrellas, please click here.

white desk

White Desk for Dental Surgery

White Desk for Dental Surgery

Durga contacted us to purchase a white desk for each of his two dental surgery’s.

He needed something clinical and clean to match the ideal of a dentists office. The Wembley caught his eye for one, and the Consultation counter for the other.

These counters have very similar fronts, with white gloss finish and clean lines, with the Consultation counter including a return on the side.

Durga said of MaiF, “Easy to deal with. Professional, awesome desks to have. Worth a lot of money.”

The Wembley

One of our most popular desks, the Wembley is a standard for offices.

It boasts a chunky, minimalist design, covered in a white gloss laminate. This creates a very modern office look, by adding one piece of furniture!

It is made of 16mm HMR board and finished in a hard wearing gloss white laminate. Under normal use, this counter will last a very long time.

To learn more about the Wembley reception desk, please click here

Thornton and Mayfield Dental Clinics

We wish Durga the best of luck with his new clinics.

To learn more about Thornton Dental, please click here To learn more about Mayfield Dental Care, please click here

white reception desk

White Reception Desk for Salon

White Reception Desk

A new gloss white reception desk for Hair Extension Bar in Double Bay.

Ash from the salon got in contact with us about any desks we had in stock. They liked the classic style of the Wembley and moved on getting that.

It was delivered quickly to their door and placed inside for setting up their office.

Ash said “Can’t say enough about the service we received from Mark and the amazing craftsmanship of our gorgeous desk. So, so happy with it! Thank you so much”

Wembley Desk

The Wembley reception desk is a very popular desk, one of our best sellers. It is often used for salons, real estates, Dr’s offices, and many other business models.

With a white gloss finish and clean, crisp lines, this is a very attractive desk. It provides a professional finish to any office. It is also very practical, with a useful amount of working bench and the counter high enough to hide your computer and notes.

Made from 16mm HMR board and finished in hard wearing gloss laminate, this is a desk built to last.

To learn more about the Wembley reception desk, please click here

Hair Extension Bar

With their new reception desk, the salon is open for business!

The Bar offers many types and styles of hair extension, and an online booking system.

To learn more about Hair Extension Bar, please click here


Black Gloss Counter

Black Gloss Counter – Mongster Fabrication

Black Gloss Counter for Mongster Fabrication

Tully from Mongster Fabrication started talking to us about the Brando Black Gloss counter.

The Brando reception desk comes in standard white or black gloss, or a combination of the two. Black suited Tully’s idea for the reception area of his fabricating workshop.

Brando reception desk

The Brando reception desk can come in White Gloss, or Black Gloss as Tully chose.

This is a popular desk due to the nice thick lines, light underneath and the matching stone top.

16mm HMR board is used to form the desk. 1mm hard wearing gloss laminated is used to finish the desk.

To learn more about the Brando reception desk, please click here.

Mongster Fabrication

Mongster has been doing custom fabrication for cars for a long time, and the quality shows in the pictures they upload!

To see what else Mongster Fabrication can help you with, please follow this link.

white gloss desk

White Gloss Desk Skintology Salon

White Gloss Desk for Skintology Skin & Laser Clinic

Skintology got in contact with us to get a white gloss desk for their clinic.

They needed something that was practical, but also kept the décor of their space aligned.

The Tonnille reception desk has a thin designer profile for the customer side and a generous working bench on the other. This creates a perfect work space for reception, while the front still looks entirely minimal and tidy. There is shelving behind the counter on the wall, which is well highlighted by the height of the counter.

The Tonnille Reception Desk

The Tonnille is made out of 16mm HMR board and finished in 1mm hard wearing laminate. Under normal use, this desk will last a very long time.

The working bench can be set at either sitting or standing height, as with all of our counters.

To learn more about the Tonnille desk, click here


Skintology offers many beauty services including laser hair removal, skin peels and much more.

To check out Skintology’s website, click here

Custom office joinery

Custom Office Joinery Port Melbourne

Custom office joinery

Vivallure’s manager Laura contacted us regarding some custom office joinery.

She was expanding the services offered by her company and needed some credenzas. These cupboards were to hide away things such as towel warmers, bar fridges and bins.

Even from Melbourne, Laura was able to get exactly what she was after in sizing and finishes. She went with a classy, clinical white gloss finish. Uniform drawers and doors created a very balanced look. 2 were sent down for her new beauty services.

We created these designs specifically for Laura, call us to do the same for you!

Laura also ordered the Amanda reception desk, a perfect option for a retail store.

The Amanda

The Amanda is one of the cheapest counters we offer, and is perfect as a register area.

It has a completely flat top and profile, creating a smooth and seam free look.

16mm HMR board is used to form the cabinets, and 1mm hard wearing white gloss laminate creates the finish.

To learn more about the Amanda reception desk, click here


Laura’s company Vivallure is in Port Melbourne and offers many great beauty products and services. 

To check out Vivallure’s website, click here