Free Standing Display Cabinet – Gloss White


Product Description

This gloss white display cabinet can meet your storage and display needs in one go. Our seamless free standing design allows it to be functional in every location of the store. It can display items from the front on its¬† supported shelf, and still shine with a glossy white laminate back. The Free Standing Display Cabinet is perfect for any store’s layout and improve multiple aspects of your retail shop.

  • ¬†Adjustable Shelving
  • Standard colours: Black & White – Matte or Gloss,
  • Highly durable materials – premium laminate,
  • Seamless joinery by experienced cabinet makers,
  • Manufactured in factory – no assembly required,

Enquire now for custom or standard sizes. Stand out from your competitors and order today!

Regular private shipping to Melbourne and Brisbane, and most other major cities.


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