Curvarto – Furniture Reception Desk


The Curvarto has a internal front curve with led lights and a white gloss finish 2000mm wide and a 1200mm high front.

Product Description

Furniture Reception Desk. The Curvarto

The Curvarto furniture reception desk is designed to add a little style to the office.
Having a curved front softens the look facing into the reception area.

The deep front well is for looks as well as to contain the light from the led lights. The light fills the well and creates maximum impact as well as a distinctive light pattern on the floor.
This reception desk works best  in offices or areas where the office lighting is low, or to create a front window lighting in the evening or night time.
A sign can be put on the front panel  by a sign maker. Either a 3 dimensional acrylic or decal style looks great.

This reception desk would suit,  as a real estate agents counter, for a  doctors surgery reception, for a medical health Service counter,  in professional suites such as a  accountants or financial advisers reception desk, a fitness center’s counter to name a few. 


The standard size for the Curvarto Furniture reception desk is 2000mm wide x 1200mm high x 790mm deep.
The hob is 270 mm wide. The bench height is 735 which suits standard office chairs and the working space is 570mm deep.
The cable entries are 60mm diameter.

The material that the Curvarto is made from is white gloss hard wearing laminate on the front, side return and raised servery. Matte white hard wearing laminate for the work bench.
The substrate is made from quality Australian HMR ( High Moisture Resistance)  board.

Furniture Reception Desk. The Curvarto

Curved front reception furniture

Pictures are of actual counters but we are continually upgrading the way we build and make our counters for product improvement. Slight variations in construction methods, sizing and material batch colours may occur.
Please advise if you are trying to match one of our existing counters.


5.00 out of 5

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  1. nika zaric

    Large desk, very modern and sleek. It fits in our office just perfectly – Astute Financial

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