Consultation Counter – Large reception desk/counter


Medical reception counter, Reception desk for doctors surgery, Reception counter for clinic, Reception desk for medical center


Product Description

Consultation counter, Large reception  desk, white gloss front with light, Large 2400mm front.

The Consultation counter has a  side return and can be used as a patient or customer meeting point.
Place a chair on the outside and the receptionist can assist with questions or forms from the inside.
It is large enough to fit printers and screens.

Solid reception counter. reception desk, L shaped,  Hard wearing gloss white laminate. 2400mm Width x 1200mm high x 1500 depth overall.
Work bench matte laminate (not melamine) 600mm deep. Top counter 260mm wide.


This Consultation counter reception desk would suit.
A real estate agents counter.
for a  doctors surgery reception Area.
For a medical health Service counter.
Professional suites such as a  accountants or financial advisers reception desk.
Fitness center’s counter.
Employment agency reception desk
Security firm reception desk


This Consultation Counter features a florescent  light.
A modern looking front, made from hard wearing gloss laminate.
A large working space  with a side return.
2 cable entries as standard.
A 260mm wide top hob for customers to read and sign documents.
Solid stable design presents a firm solid image to your customers.

Consultation Counter. White gloss with light

Counter on tiled floor. White gloss with light

Consultation Counter, Large Reception Desk for office or professional suites

Additional information

Dimensions 1500 × 2400 × 1200 mm



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