Waterfall – Reception Counter Extension


Product Description

Reception Counter Extension

Designed to add flexibility  to our range of counters
The extension can be attached left or right or either side to the back of the counter.
This extension turns a 2meter counter into a 3.2 meter counter in no time at all.
The added flexability of a counter extension allows many possibilities to configure the counter or desk to suit your needs.
Can be used as a more open area to interact with your customers when combined with a high fronted counter.
Adds a modern design element to the counters.

Sizing and colours

Standard size is 1200mm  x 770mm x 600mm
Available in black and white matte and gloss


The reception counter extension can be used with the Amanda,  the Brando, the Tonnille, the Wembley, the Haley to name a few

Reception Counter Extension layout

front counter configuration using an extension waterfall


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