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Compact design, White gloss reception desk. With light. Great impact. Very easy to install. fits into almost all offices. Very versatile.


Product Description

The Wembley reception desk Black or White Gloss

The Wembley reception counter is perfect for offices and retail situations.
The white gloss laminate finish is hard wearing and creates a look that appeals to many people.
This reception desk is a self contained solid unit. It has been designed for maximum impact.
It can be used as a Office Reception Desk, or for retail shop counters, as in beauty salons, clinics semi retail situations.

Designed with a solid, strong front arch. It makes a statement we are here to stay. Our business is here to stay.
The deep front well is for looks as well as to contain the light from the florescent light. The light fills the well and creates maximum impact.
This reception desk works best  in offices or areas where the office lighting is low or to create a front window lighting in the evening or night time.
A sign can be put on the front panel  by a sign maker. Either a 3 dimensional acrylic or decal style looks great.

Features of the Wembley reception desk

Simple, elegant  but with a strong solid appearance.
Compact design, maximum impact.
White or black high gloss, hard wearing laminate front and sides.
1800mm x 570mm hard wearing matte laminate working space.
Strong privacy design so as to keep the office paraphernalia, contained within.
Maximum leg room while still maintaining the privacy from the rear of the desk.
36 watt florescent light with a 3 pin plug. (electrician not required.)
2 cable entries for cables to come from beneath the reception desk if needed.
735 high workbench behind leaves 465mm to to the top of the hob to keep the office workings out of sight.
Relatively easy for transportation.
Will fit into most lifts or elevators with padding, turned on end it measures about H1900mm x W790 x D1200.
Lift doors are about 1980mm high  x 880 wide for access.
It is delivered in a pre-assembled state.


The standard size for this reception desk is 1800mm wide x 1200mm high x 790mm deep.
The hob is 260 mm wide. The bench height is 735 which suits standard office chairs and the working space is 570mm deep.
The cable entries are 60mm diameter. The sizing of the front panel to which you could attach a sign is 730 high x 1260mm wide.

The internal bench top can be removed to assist with delivery.

Hair salons, clinics, professional suites, dental surgeries, day spas and health centers.


Reception desk for real estate office

Reception desk with light on black floor

Looks great in any office

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 790 × 1800 × 1200 mm


5.00 out of 5

reviews for Wembley – Reception desk

  1. Mayashopper

    This is one of the best reception desk.

  2. Yvonne

    Thank you very much. Great service and very happy with our new reception desk. Highly recommended

  3. Owen Wang

    Great product and services, highly recommended!

  4. Durga

    Easy to deal with. Professional, awesome desks to have. Worth a lot of money.
    Dental reception desk

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