Amanda Mini – Small reception counter


A good counter when there is not much space.  Nice, modern and smart looking counter, Gloss finish. Can be black or white.

Product Description

Small reception counter. The Amanda Mini. Salon and shop Counter with lots of style. A counter suited for small spaces.

This Small reception counter is simple but elegant with a clean design. A really smart but unobtrusive look that will fit into almost any retail situation.


1 Set of drawers with an open shelf or printer shelf under.
The back is a white melamine non gloss finish.
W 100mm x H 900mm x D 600mm.
We can customise certain aspects to suit your situation, Call to discuss.
Comes with one quality satin metal upmarket cable entry.
Computer storage space under.
Printer shelf or storage shelf.
Modern sleek design.


This counter has been used as a reception desk in a day spa. As a small reception counter for a beauty salon, and a counter for clothing boutique shops, Ladies fashion store and Fashion jewelry shop to name a few.


If you don’t have a lot of space a small reception counter is the solution.
It still creates a place for customers to focus upon as they enter.
A small reception counter will  still define a line between public space and your space.
The Amanda mini is big enough to have a screen and a key board.
The white or black finish is a neutral colour that fits comfortably into many colour schemes.
Unobtrusive space saving design leaves more space for working in.


Made from hard wearing gloss laminate on the front, top and sides.
The substrate is HMR (High Moisture Resistant) board.
Metal, easy roll runners.
Can be Black or white gloss.

Solid well made construction.
Solid build, 2 people can lift the assembled unit.

We have a larger version of this counter which is (surprising called) The Amanda.
For further information please call 0416233026

Small reception counter

Smart small counter.
The Amanda Mini counter

Additional information

Dimensions 2000 × 600 × 900 mm


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