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Hair salon consultation counter

Nowra Hair salon consultation counter

Hair salon consultation counter

The southern highlands has a new Hair salon consultation counter in town.

The consultation counters are selling like hot cakes at the moment, people like practicality and style.

Daniel from European Hair Design liked the large size of the consultation counter, with enough space to sit two people.
This counter provides a large work area for a busy receptionist.
But it doesn’t skimp on style in doing this, with a nice large, framed and lit up panel at the front.
The panel looks good plain, but even better with your sign displayed on it.

Consultation counters are made out of HMR board.
They are finished with hard wearing, scratch resistant laminate.
This counter will look like new for a long time under normal use.

Large counters like this one create a useful wall like barrier for the receptionist to have their personal work space.
Thanks to only being a counter though, and not a wall, the receptionist remains very approachable.

To learn more about the Consultation Counter, please click here

European Hair Design

European Hair Design is a full service salon.
Go there for just a trim or a restyle. For a colour or perm. For men’s and children’s hair also.

Follow this link to their website to check it out:
European Hair Design website


Hair salon consultation counter

Salon reception desk looks good with surrounds

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